Visual Artist of the Week: Mask Movement

Mask Movement is a creative agency and music label based in the Ukraine that focuses on modern video art, music production, sound, and graphic design, along with uniting like-minded people and passionate content creators from all around the world. Their mission is to encourage self-expression and bring something fresh to the table. What they do is the result of years upon years of cooperation with prolific artists across different mediums.

You can learn more about Mask Movement on their following social networks and portfolio:


LABEL Spot on In My House Music Show

T. Carlita let us know that she’ll be running a LABEL spot on tomorrow’s In My House & Techno Music Show. See below.

For Immediate Release:

Music Alert!!!
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In My House & Techno Music Show

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 @ 8 pm (EST)

EP149: International Interviews
From the archives: International interviews
via SKYPE, in Detroit, or in their hometown.

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Visual Artist of the Week: Alexandra Priedite

This week’s Visual Artist of the Week is Alexandra Priedite, a Detroit-area based graphic design, photographer, and painter. Do yourself a favor and dive into her Instagram. It’s amazing.

“28-year old who thinks that aliens removed DNA from Nick Cave, Sylvia Plath, David Bowie, William Burroughs, Jim Morrison, Bukowski, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, Man Ray, Friedrich Nietzsche, and implanted it into an embryo inside of a garbage can in 1987.”

You can learn more about Alexandra on her following social networks: