Reactor Room 1.6, Dub Techno Mix featuring Turing & Percival

This mix is also available on YouTube.

64 minutes of dub techno, featuring releases from Overcast Sound, Turing and Percival, Nae:Tek and Subset, Eyra Landscape and Mentality H, Matthias Springer, Ackost, and more in the tracklist.

This episode focuses on dub and minimal techno with upbeat and uplifting feels, with bits of deep atmospherics in between.

Grab this mix:

00:00 | Overcast Sound – Saltwater
Panal Records

06:27 | Ghita Liviu – Polar Shifter
Clonk Records

10:05 | Turing, Percival – Fall Moon
Support on Bandcamp:

15:33 | Enformig – Arctic Mind
Energostatic Records
Support on Bandcamp:

20:52 | Doublereflect – Terminal
Axaminer Records
Support on Bandcamp:

23:01 | Nae:Tek – Wave 2
Superordinate Dub Waves

29:21 | Love’n Loops – Libration
Love’n Loops

33:05 | Eyra Landscape – Cogito (Mentality H Remix)
Track submitted by Eyra Landscape

38:05 | Nae:Tek – Wave 2 (Subset Rmx)
Superordinate Dub Waves

44:20 | Matthias Springer – Panama Stories

49:20 | Doublereflect – Aquanaut (John Ov3rblast Remix)
Axaminer Records
Support on Bandcamp:

55:34 | Ackost – Only You
Track submitted by Ackost
Support and download on SoundCloud:

1:01:32 | Ackost – Night City
Track submitted by Ackost
Support and download on SoundCloud:

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