Get Yours Before They’re Gone: New Deep Minimal by Percival on 12″ Vinyl, Limited to 300 Copies Worldwide

Percival Does Detroit Techno:
Deep, Minimal, and Lo-fi

Get your limited edition 12″ from deep Detroit techno artist Percival (LABEL, Original Label, SAMANI), with a hot remix from Dániel Meister (Samani, Baile Musik, Krad Records, High Pro-File Recordings, Kootz Music). The remix is only available on the 12″.

This is limited to 300 units. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Dark, Aggressive Techno on Bicho’s Latest “My Room”

bicho (aka BICHO and 3ICHO) is back with another two track EP of thudding, unrelenting techno music. “My Room” features two tracks of dark warehouse techno. If you like what you hear, the El Salvadoran producer has made tracks for LABEL before, as well as The Seed and Straight Up!, all featuring his fierce, heavy style.

“My Room” is the first in the LABEL series called CE. CE, short for Collaboration Edition, features a single piece of cover art put together by two different visual artists. The first edition features artwork by Josh Mace of Sequel Sound Recordings and Joshua McAllister of LABEL.

Visual Artist of the Week: Niki Urban

Nike Urban

Niki Urban graduated from the College of Creative Studies in 2013. Links to more of her work can be found below. A small biopic by Shane Law Productions and Red Bull House of Art is included as well.

My work focuses primarily on the dark side of the imagination; the part of one’s mind that is often unexplored. I find sanctuary in imagery that many feel uncomfortable facing. Most of my drawings are done using fine tipped ink pens to achieve obsessive detail, and other drawings are done in charcoal, sometimes graphite. Once in a while, I enjoy painting with oils. The process of creation is the most important part for me; I become so focused that it feels like I take a step outside of time. As a whole, my body of work is a collection of haunting images with some elements of surrealism.


Nine Premier Techno DJs in One Night, Sub÷Divizion Music Announced “Essentials”

SubDivizion Music's Essentials


April 8, 2017
8pm to 5 am
The Works, Detroit

From their Facebook event page:

Join us just for another night of techno!

Lester Fitzpatrick
Mind Burn Records on Facebook
UK Recordings on Facebook

Rolando Hödar
Aerotek Recordings on Facebook

Dani Lehman

Augustus Williams

÷ Front Room ÷


Corbin Davis
Blank Code on Facebook

Jesse James Wood
NightSneak Entertainment on Facebook


JD RaveMan

Visuals: SubDivizion Stage Productions

÷ $10 before midnight
÷ 18 to dance, 21+ to cheers
÷ Must have valid ID for entry

Facebook event cover image by LABEL’s Joshua McAllister.