Blank Code Podcast 143 – Gusto

Augustus Williams, aka Gusto is best defined by his pure Detroit sound, while incorporating funky house brought on by the memories of his childhood.  At an early age Gusto discovered a love for the Motown sound, but the music that captured him first was Hip Hop and the genuine style and funk infusions.  Through a new breed of Detroit promotions, the popular Detroit promoters ‘Nightsneak‘ would later become Gusto’s outlet to the Detroit scene soon becoming a local favorite.

Gusto began to direct his energy through drum machines and sequencers, often combining those efforts for a no less than impressive show. Playing mostly live shows for the better part of the last 11 years, people often forget he started out as a DJ.  In the studio his tracks are made with the DJ and the dance floor in mind, and with this production thought he has developed the sound that defines him as a truly unique artist. The rest is not history, but the future for this talented die hard as he continues to this day to kill dance floors with intense bass and funky hooks on that legendary Detroit sound he is known for.  Keep up with Gusto on Soundcloud and Beatport!

Listen to Gusto’s Blank Code Podcast here

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