Visual Artist of the Week: Niki Urban

Nike Urban

Niki Urban graduated from the College of Creative Studies in 2013. Links to more of her work can be found below. A small biopic by Shane Law Productions and Red Bull House of Art is included as well.

My work focuses primarily on the dark side of the imagination; the part of one’s mind that is often unexplored. I find sanctuary in imagery that many feel uncomfortable facing. Most of my drawings are done using fine tipped ink pens to achieve obsessive detail, and other drawings are done in charcoal, sometimes graphite. Once in a while, I enjoy painting with oils. The process of creation is the most important part for me; I become so focused that it feels like I take a step outside of time. As a whole, my body of work is a collection of haunting images with some elements of surrealism.


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  1. You’ve come so far and fabulously from that long ago time in Drawing I. I remember it as if it was yesterday. You are astounding. Xo Ms. Ray

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