Bill Kraemer’s ‘Deinstitutionalized’ Now Available

Bill Kraemer (AKA Vertical Bill) breaks ground with a punishing new release on Label. ‘Deinstitutionalized’ is a demented trip down techno’s hysterical hallways, filling them with unhinged noises and mad nuance.

Bill Kraemer has been one of the few constants in the NY underground over the last 20 years and beyond. With a career that spans back to Acid House and New Wave, Bill isn’t just an originator, but an innovator able to keep pace and drive forward with new sounds.

‘Deinstitutionalized’ features a hospital full of deranged remixers, including: industrial-dance newcomer, Matthew Spaces; Detroit tech-house lunatic, Lingk; crazy-cool house master, Sean Bartley; New York’s maniacal mainstay, DJ VKTR; and techno-terrorist, Skelta.

1. Deinstitutionalized (Original Mix)
2. Deinstitutionalized (Lingk Remix)
3. Deinstitutionalized (Matthew Spaces Remix)
4. Deinstitutionalized (Sean Bartley Remix)
5. Deinstitutionalized (DJ VKTR Remix)
6. Deinstitutionalized (Skelta Remix)


All songs written and produced by Bill Kraemer
Mastering and artwork by Joshua McAllister
Administrative and legal by Matt Novakowski
2 remix and additional production by Lingk
3 remix and additional production by Matthew Spaces
4 remix and additional production by Sean Bartley
5 remix and additional production by DJ VKTR
6 remix and additional production by Skelta
(p) & (c) 2014 Label
cat. no. LABEL02406 – all rights reserved

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